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Past Events

Do whatever it takes to be happy

But don’t forget that happiness is a simple feeling, you can find it and let it go by not realizing its simplic...
Event Day: 22.05.31
Location: Teatro Oficina

Learning to be grateful

We all know that gratitude makes you happier and healthier, but how to be grateful if everything seems to be bad arou...
Event Day: 22.07.01
Location: Teatro Sérgio Cardoso

International Women's Day

Despite the advances presented in the last decades, women in a prominent position in the labor market are still rare ...
Event Day: 22.03.01
Location: TUCA Theater

Successful Entrepreneur and Icons

In this interview for the Successful Entrepreneurs Icons program on the Successful Entrepreneurs TV Channel, Mary Elb...
Event Day: 22.06.11
Location: Porto Seguro Theater

Learning to Profit from Happiness

Entrepreneurs who see situations that could be considered disastrous as learning opportunities are the ones who are c...
Event Day: 22.06.10
Location: Teatro Renault

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