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The woman and success in the legal career


The legal field is eminently male. To have an idea, there has never been a national president of the Brazilian Attorneys’ Organization (OAB). In the Supreme Federal Court (STF), of the 11 ministers only two are women. At the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), only six women make up the team of 35 ministers. Despite being a majority at the OAB – in the 20 to 30 age group women represent 64% of the members – women do not usually occupy leading positions. The large law firms have only 34% women partners, while in the staff they occupy 57% of the positions.

A woman from the Northeast of Brazil and a woman who has also been the target of prejudice many times, Mary Elbe did not let herself be discouraged by the challenges and, through a lot of struggle, she positioned herself and conquered her successful space as a tax lawyer, teacher, book writer, and lecturer in Brazil and abroad. Already successful, she decided to serve as an inspiration. To awaken women about their potentialities, showing them that they can conquer any position they wish, and that for this they need a strong position, this is one of Mary Elbe’s missions as a lecturer and tax lawyer.



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