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DOSE of happiness


Happiness happens in our brain. As this is an organ with multi-plasticity we can condition the brain to have a more positive and optimistic outlook on life. This can be done through positivity attitudes that trigger neurochemical, wellness-promoting reactions. Adopting attitudes that release these reactions are called by Mary Elbe a DOSE of happiness, they will make all the difference and change the person’s life by making the mind itself provide a powerful remedy to the brain, against anxiety, sadness, loneliness, frustration, depression, low self-esteem, little motivation. The DOSE of happiness is achieved through the release in our body of the following hormones:

  • (D)opamine: causes feelings of pleasure and motivation;
  • (O)cytokine: generates feelings of love and social bonding;
  • (S)erotonin: regulates mood;
  • (E)ndorfine: promotes well-being.


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