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Happiness in relationships: family, friendship and love

Produced in the pituitary gland, with a strong contribution to the feeling of happiness, oxytocin is called the hormone of love. It is what is released in the body when a mother breastfeeds her baby and when we hug someone or do good deeds. Oxytocin is intrinsically linked to love, affection, and care. In this […]

Happy employees produce more

Trying to stay positive is essential for productivity at work. In this presentation, Mary Elbe explains that having a positive attitude contributes to increasing the production of oxytocin (considered one of the hormones responsible for happiness) in the body, and the more oxytocin, the more resilient, creative, focused, motivated, and able to learn people become. […]

Companies: happiness and profit

Adversities and unpleasant facts will always occur. The pandemic proved once again this maxim. But in the face of such a disastrous health and economic scenario, some people didn’t just complain, but took the seemingly hopeless situation as an opportunity to diversify and develop their business. For example: sugar factories produced alcohol, restaurants intensified their […]

The Power of FEDDA

Yes, it is possible to be happy permanently. To do this, one must know how to build happiness within oneself through positive attitudes, whose goal is to mold the brain to create habits of happiness. In this presentation Mary Elbe talks about five essential keywords to train the brain and create happier habits. They are […]

DOSE of happiness

Happiness happens in our brain. As this is an organ with multi-plasticity we can condition the brain to have a more positive and optimistic outlook on life. This can be done through positivity attitudes that trigger neurochemical, wellness-promoting reactions. Adopting attitudes that release these reactions are called by Mary Elbe a DOSE of happiness, they […]

The woman and success in the legal career

The legal field is eminently male. To have an idea, there has never been a national president of the Brazilian Attorneys’ Organization (OAB). In the Supreme Federal Court (STF), of the 11 ministers only two are women. At the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), only six women make up the team of 35 ministers. Despite […]

Success: You can!

Each one chooses his or her concept of success. It can reside at work, in the family, or in positions of power. The important thing is to know that to conquer it, it is necessary to have clear objectives and goals, a lot of effort and hard work, avoiding regrets. After years of experience, which […]

Habit of Happiness

Our brain has multi-plasticity and can be trained to create new neural connections so that each person can build their own happiness. In this lecture, Mary Elbe Queiroz shows how it is possible to change or replace attitudes to acquire the habit of happiness through the realization and training of small daily attitudes. To prepare […]

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