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Personal Development

Mary Elbe shows in this mentorship what attitudes can be taken in order to acquire habits that contribute to the production of hormones that are DOSEs of happiness, essential for greater personal development. According to Mary Elbe, for example, the oxytocin that is released in the body when a mother breastfeeds her baby and when […]

Building Happiness

It is possible to be happy permanently, but to do so you have to know how to build happiness within yourself through optimism, facing negative situations in a positive way, molding your brain to create habits of happiness. In this mentorship, Mary Elbe highlights the power of the FEDDA method in creating these habits. This […]


In this mentoring session, Mary Elbe explains how positivity is essential for a successful career, given its influence on improving a professional’s motivation and productivity. According to her, having an optimistic attitude when facing events, even negative ones, contributes to increase the production of hormones that work as DOSEs of happiness in the body. Considered […]

Leadership + Happiness = + Profit

The current statistics on the work environment are worrying, employee engagement has dropped by 22% and daily worker stress has reached 43% by 2020. According to the Harvard Business Review, 75% of employees feel more isolated, 57% feel more anxious, 53% feel emotionally exhausted, and 86% of employees want to be measured by the value […]

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