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Events - Lecture

Do whatever it takes to be happy

But don’t forget that happiness is a simple feeling, you can find it and let it go by not realizing its simplic...
Event Day: 22.05.31
Location: Teatro Oficina

Learning to be grateful

We all know that gratitude makes you happier and healthier, but how to be grateful if everything seems to be bad arou...
Event Day: 22.07.01
Location: Teatro Sérgio Cardoso

International Women's Day

Despite the advances presented in the last decades, women in a prominent position in the labor market are still rare ...
Event Day: 22.03.01
Location: TUCA Theater

Learning to Profit from Happiness

Entrepreneurs who see situations that could be considered disastrous as learning opportunities are the ones who are c...
Event Day: 22.06.10
Location: Teatro Renault


I love reading your content every day! It is so good to see you shining, and all this only happen...
Bia Moura
How wonderful to see you shining every day more brightly in this new purpose that helps others so...
Roseana Faneco Amorim

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